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Am I a Fool?

by William L

Released 2014
Released 2014
Evocative and soulful.
William L discovered a love for music at a young age that finally bloomed in his high school years when he learned to play saxophone, clarinet, and piano. Playing piano helped William L realize that he also had an ear-friendly voice and a talent for writing original music. In his senior year of high school, a controversial decision was made to have a staff member rather than a graduate perform the main song at his graduation ceremony. Students, in an uproar, spoke out, resulting in William L immediately being asked to perform the key song, George Benson's The Greatest Love Of All. After some knee-knocking and stomach butterflies, William L sang in front of a packed auditorium of over 1,300, earning a standing ovation for his performance.

Not long thereafter, William L began playing keyboards with several local NYC bands. After a couple of years he felt stifled because they all preferred to perform cover songs rather than record original material. The band scene became old fairly quickly after that and William L decided it was best to go solo and continue to write as his main focus.
After a long hiatus and with an arsenal of originals he'd penned, William L decided to get back into the music scene, going on to perform his tunes at the NY International Music Festival; Catskills Winter Explosion; Soul Cafe; and repeat stints at the NY Triad Theatre where he produced his own shows.

In 2008 he recorded and released his debut EP entitled Solo Sterling under his then performance name, Sterling. In 2014, in an effort to avoid confusion with an established artist of the same name, William chose to reinvent his performance persona as William L. He has begun to make his mark with his first single, Am I A Fool?, which was released on 12/13/14.
William L is scheduling his second release for some time in February 2015. He is planning performances to promote the singles and is currently in the process of recording new material.